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Our New Home Theater
December 2013

New Home Theater

Finally, after 19 years,  the old Sony XBR 61 rear projection died!

So it was time to redo the home theater with new equipment:
A new Panasonic 65" plasma
Martin Logan ElectroMotion Electrostatic Speakers
Dual Martin Logan Dynamo 700 subwoofers,
Marantz 6008 Receiver
Samsung Blue-ray player

The older Martin Logan Logo center channel and Martin Logan FX2 Surround Speakers, and 2 separate power amps complete the 5.1 system. And of 'course the AR turntable stays!

I had been selling some of the equipment on craigslist for a couple of years in preparation for this day and had already sold: the Acoustats 1+1 speakers ($600, to a fella on Pine Island! wow), two pairs of Martin Logan Source Speakers (one for $1000 & other for $1100, both guys came from Tampa).  Just recently I sold the Acoustat Model 1 speakers ($400, Naples audiophile), the MartinLogan Depth i subwoofer ($960, to a 20-something kid that drove all the way from Gainesville!),  and the Aragon phono amp ($200, to same Naples audiophile).  

I still have for sale the Harman Kardon processor ($450),  a Counterpoint Digital/Analog converter ($750), the Sony DVD player ($0), and the Sunfire True Subwoofer($750). You have to price high so the low ball offers are doable!!!! The 2 Parasound amplifiers I'm not selling for now and neither my Nakamichi ZX7, the Panasonic S-VHS and the Sony Hi8 players which I left in the rack (old home videos).

I did have to re-configure the whole audio/video rack and run a lot of new cabling...too much to list here. 
Below...had to use the tractor to remove the old Sony was that heavy!
Had to load it into the garbage truck because they could not lift it!