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Covered Deck
Before pouring the footers for the deck and shed roof we have to move the palm and old deck
The palm was carefully dug and lifted with a John Deere tractor to it's new location (right picture).
This location should provide morning shade to the rear dining room.
The string lines mark the location of the footers.

I removed the old decking and kept all the 2" pressure treated lumber for future use. The decking material which was decaying was recycled into the  fire pit. Ashes to be used as fill.
Next the footers are dug with the small backhoe above and rebar tied and place at the bottom a few inches high. It cannot go higher or it will block the wedge anchors used to attach the post bases. 
A pump is used to pump the concrete to the rear footers. The footers are check for level with a laser.
Once the footers are ready we bolt down the posts bases with wedge anchors. The posts are #2 6x6 PT from Raymond Building Supply. The post continue up to become the railing.  All the hardware is hot dipped Simpson ZMAX products as recommended for the new copper based ACQ pressure treated lumber.  The 6x6 post bases are a little pricey at about $20 each!
Joist are attached to hangers every 12 inches vs. the traditional 16 inches. I covered them with #30 roofing felt to protest them from the elements. Supposedly this will extend the life of the joist by preventing water from being trapped between the decking and joist.
The support structure below is made up of two 2x12 sandwiched and notched to the 6x6 posts. Above that go the  2x8s.
The roof structure also uses 2x12s notched to the 6x6 posts to support twenty 2x10x20 beams.
The shed roof will have old Florida style exposed tails and timbers. I used T111 plywood panels facing down to give it a finished look, then standard 1/2 inch structural plywood on top. The roof gets dried with #30 roofing felt until the 5v galvanized panels are arrive.
The decking material is standard Home Depot 5/4 decking.
We had a good rain this morning, January 1, 2010 (Happy New Year!) and the house and
deck remained dry so we know the roofing felt did the job.
The new stairs uses 5 stringers and comes out at 45 degrees. Since the garage slab was being poured that week we could take advantage of the concrete truck and also make a 5x6 foot slab to support the stairs.
Final porch pictures June 22, 2010