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Garage Tour
July 24, 2011
Detached four car garage and boat storage connected by a 16x10 foot breezeway. 

Block construction painted with a waterproof sealer and a commercial concrete filler/paint from BEHR.

Front of the house.

North end of garage and boathouse.

Below, rear shot of the garage looking south.

 Below, the boathouse new storage units and fishing equipment storage. I also ran a 3/4 pvc line
directly from the main water line to increase pressure to the hoses around the garage.
I placed 3 hoses in the boathouse to speed up boat cleaning.

Below, the breezeway looking east toward the backyard between the house and shed.
I stained and applied 3 coats of spar varnish to the interior breezeway ceiling.

The work shop occupies the first 2 bays of the 4 bay garage. Picture taken from the front garage door.

This picture taken from the back garage door.

From the same back door but further back. Plan was to fit 2 automobiles plus the shop in the garage.

To stay cool, I mounted a 36" whole house fan, which came from the house in Massachusetts on top of the trusses. The compressor was also raised on top of the trusses. Further down is my screw rack from Harbor Freight and my old woodworking bench. Tried to save floor space wherever possible.

Porch Pictures