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This page is very long with many pictures. It takes you through the construction of the garage from beginning to end. It you want to see the latest pictures scroll to the end.

Four car garage with a port section for the boat.
The garage corner points were marked with iron pins by AJ, a Pine Island surveyor. 
I staked off the area to keep anyone from driving on it.
Started Late November 2009
Garage location corners...
HONC removed the sod and started bringing the fill...about 4 loads. 
Removing the sodLoad of fill
The loader spreads the fill and levels it about 4 inches below the Plan elevation 
Loader spreads the fill Site Prep completed and ready for forms
While digging the trench for the forms we discovered underground pocket of debris and water  
Trenches dug and forms installed Buried tress and branches
The hole just kept getting bigger and flooded with water which we needed to pump out prior to re-filling 
Big hole 
Water pumpWater hose moving like a snake in the woods 
Back in 1989 when they cleared the lot, they dug a hole to bury all the trees creating a pocket which fills with underground water.  The water table in Pine Island is usually only 5-6 feet below or sometimes higher after a heavy rain which we had a few days earlier. Good thing, at least we discovered it!
At the end, I had to call back HONC, a local Pine Island company which has the machinery to tackle a job like this.  It took 11 loads of dirt to fill it back up and compact it. 
 Call in the big gunsAt the end it took 11 loads of dirt to fill it back up.
Once completed, Florida Gulf Coast Construction came back to finish the forms, lay the steel, wire and visqueen for the pouring of the slab. We also did the required termite spraying. After they were done, I placed grey conduit for the electrical panel feed plus another conduit for phone, cat5 and rg6 cabling.  I also ran 3/4 pvc pipe for hose bibs at every corner  plus 2 at the car port section were the boat will be cleaned. It passed inspection but only because the Lee County inspector new the owner of Florida Gulf Coast Construction and called them to let them know that the electrical grounding rod was missing, which they installed the following day.  Beginning of December, 2009
Ready for slab 
East footer   Corner Column of car port   Footer between the enclosed portion and car port
Slab time!
It took 36 yards of concrete! Because of our high water table, the concrete (3000psi) has fiber and wire to prevent cracking . They buff it until dry and come back the later for the expansion cuts. (December, 2009)
The delivery of block, cement, sand for the construction of the block walls and columns. (Beginning of January, 2009)
The block is placed around the edges to begin construction. (Late December, 2010)
A one day job...
Next come the tie beam crew....
Once completed, the tie beam is ready for inspection by Lee County Permitting.
Trusses are delivered by Raymond Building Supply
Next using a crane they are hoisted to position.

Plywood is also lifted and placed on top of the trusses.
Note that a platform was built and supported by 2x4s underneath.

Trusses held in place temporarily with cross beams until the sheathing (1/2" plywood) is applied.

Next step is nailing the sheathing. (January, 2010)
After the sheathing is done the #30 felt is rolled on which basically makes the roof water proof. At this time a Lee County inspection is required but after the drip edge and valley metal is installed.  February 5, 2010
See the garage final pictures