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Remember the wall separating the kitchen/dining room from the family room?
September 2009

It's GONE!

We removed the non-bearing wall, leaving only the section on the left which encloses the refrigerator, which did not move. To enlarge that section to include a pantry and closet,  the wall was expanded toward the foyer. This also provided a 60" wall for a server or hutch (on right) facing the dining area. (See hutch below). The wall has new electrical controlling the kitchen lights and foyer lights, track lighting switching  plus dual rg6 cables, cat3 for phone and cat5 for Ethernet.
(click on floor plan).
Pat scoured Ft. Myers and found the bottom hutch unit at a second-hand store, made by Lexington it had a wavy skirt at the bottom which I removed leaving only the corner legs. I also installed a kick plate painted black . The top unit was actually a leftover hutch top from Lane that was on clearance because it did not have a bottom . It was 16 inches deep, much to deep for this setup so I reduced it to 10.5 inches deep. It took some work but with the wood I removed from the unit I added an additional shelf to it and a back splash to the bottom unit. A switch on the wall control the unit lights, plus the under  cabinet light for the bottom unit which are white LEDS from Target. The top unit has a nice feature....touching the lower right door hinge, you can control 3 levels of light intensity.
The walls were kept to 8 feet to create a space above on the family room side (where the fake plant is above).
The side facing the kitchen has the refrigerator now enclosed (it stayed in original location) with a deep open space above that will take a cabinet front in the future. The opening on the right is the pantry space before the shelving.
The October 12, 2009
The pantry was built with reclaimed (Honduras?) pine floor boards 
graciously donated by:

 Jimmy and Sandra Cruz of Cape Coral.

To ventilate the pantry it left the ceiling open to the foyer cathedral ceiling. I installed a Jeld-Wen pine louvered pantry door (HD) to facilitate airflow and keep the pantry cool. Using over 4 coats of sprayed crystal clear satin water-based polyurethane with pocket screw with biscuit joinery has inspired the "look" of the kitchen. The pantry has a 12" deep counter with a 20amp circuit so we can use the kitchen appliances right in the pantry. The shelves are adjustable and float off the floor. We also added shelving in the foyer closet. November 5, 2009
Kitchen pantry   Entry closet
We hope to do some cabinet frames for the frig as well.  November 5, 2009

A few more construction pictures below.