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Using Security Windows and Doors by Traco, sold only at Home Depot, very reasonably priced after the 20% off sale plus a 3.5% reduction  from the bid room. They are Miami-Dade large missile impact approved in bronze aluminum with the low-e option. We combined traditional single-hung units for ventilation with picture window units to enhance the view. Traco manufacturers commercial and hi-rise units.
We also have 2 Jeld-Wen units, one damaged unit I found on clearance at HD which I got for $26 and was able to repair and another for a bedroom which requires egress for which Traco charges extra.
 Before picture of the rear of the house with the old windows and doors.
We decided that the master bedroom bay with it's 4 windows and lack of roof overhang be removed and replaced with double patio doors that would lead to the new deck. The bay was poorly designed (no roof overhang), would have required 4 impact windows ($$$) and was in the way of our planned master closets.
The bathroom single door on the left will be replaced with a window and the 2 large windows to the right with one thinner size near the back door. Note that the windows and doors all lack trim boards which is not appropriate for the old-Florida look we were after.
Removing the bay was the right call!
The absence of the overhang had deteriorated the plywood sheeting.  
Removing the bay wall and windows was messy! Nice view....
The old roofing tar paper was removed and replaced with Tyvek house wrap.   
 We used new vinyl siding from Home Depot which match the old siding pretty well. The trim is a vinyl trim (Lowes) which supposedly never rots or needs painting. We used a 3.5 inch for the windows and 5.5" for the doors. It dramatically changed the look! Never thought vinyl siding could look so good.  That is why vinyl siding often looks tacky because they cover the old window trim with the siding or eliminate it to save money. We trimmed both bathroom windows together for a nicer appearance, simplifying the look and the siding installation. Note the addition of an exterior outlet. Previously, we shot a level line to mark where the new higher deck would meet the bottom of the siding.
Dining room bay windows and rear door 
 The dining room bay had the proper overhang therefore sign of water damage or rot. 
Hey this is Florida, we need big roof overhangs!
Note that the middle windows are picture windows.
The Front Door 

The old front door had sidelights that we eliminated to gain more wall space inside. The lighting switches were moved along with new switches for exterior perimeter lighting, a porch fan and porch/breezeway lights. 14ga stranded speaker wire was added for future speaker install. The hurricane code required connectors to attach the wall studs to the header. A dolphin door knocker completed the package but we still need the exterior fan.
Second bathroom windows 
The second bathroom on the south side also had a door which we removed and inserted a single-hung window. The other is a picture window. We trimmed both windows together for a simpler appearance and to eliminate very narrow siding pieces.
The rest of the windows have arrived contractor left the area to do another job and will return in about a month.... stay tuned.